Not quite part of the Seattle scene, Tacoma, Washington’s Seaweed was nonetheless sucked up in the whole grunge thing in the early 90s. This is the complete story of the punk band that made a career on the outskirts of Seattle’s city limits -- and its success Read more

The small, unassuming, triangular-shaped building at 4230 Leary Way NW in Seattle might not look like much, but in its heyday, it was an epicenter for Seattle rock music Read more

Once "grunge" hit the big time, it took a life of its own, and liberties were taken with the truth about Seattle and the so-called "grunge" scene. We attempt to correct the record


The term "grunge" was almost-universally reviled by the bands it was supposed to describe. Where did the name come from? And how did it stick? A look at the etymology of grunge Read more

Lexicon of Grunge

The lexicon of grunge

In the early 90s, the mass media went crazy for anything "grunge," even going so far into finding out the slang of flannel-wearing kids in the northwest. And in typical Seattle fashion, they made a joke out of it Read more

Mr Cobain

“Going Out of Business Since 1988!”: An Oral History of Sub Pop Records

How Sub Pop – the label that brought you Nirvana and the Shins – survived constant money woes (rubber checks!), drunken rock stars (microbrews!) and grunge-era insanity (flannel!) Read more

Seven Year Bitch and 11 other forgotten bands

12 Forgotten Major Label Albums

Regional bands were being signed left and right in the early 1990s. Not all of them became national stars Read more

Northwest Passage

Northwest Passage is an exploration of the music scene centered around Seattle in the 80s and 90s. This project looks at all aspects of the rock scene, not just the part that became known as the “grunge explosion.” Learn more about Northwest Passage

Owen Atkins

We didn't really have any unfinished business. The reunion was fun, but I doubt we’ll ever do it again.

Birthdays / September

  • 4 Kim Thayil Soundgarden
  • 19 Jeff Lorien Coffin Break
  • 20 Ben Shepherd Soundgarden, March of Crimes, Hater, 600 School, Wellwater Conspiracy
  • 23 John Baker Saunders Mad Season, The Walkabouts
  • 24 Carrie Akre The Rockfords, Hammerbox, Goodness
  • 24 Janet Weiss Wild Flag, Quasi, Sleater-Kinney
  • 27 Carrie Brownstein Wild Flag, Excuse 17, Sleater-Kinney
  • 29 Jon Auer The Posies